There are some things you should learn about Photoshop brushes when you are new to the program. It is a large program and it is powerful yet also scary for its users. It is such a handy trick to create your own brushes. This is such a great help to personalize all the images you made, in fact in all your creations. What's good about these Photoshop brushes is that they are easy to make and you can save what you created for many of your future projects. 

There are several reasons to use Photoshop but the primary reason is that for it to be used again in just one click. An example of an item that you may be able to reuse is digital signature or what is known as a watermark that you can add to your images before they are posted online. This would signify ownership of the image.


It might also that you are creating a design for a website and you simply want to have a brush for the logo of the business. The new all photoshop brushes can be used for the site design to render more coherence. 

If you happen to be a hobbyist, you would find more uses for the brushes. This would enable to you to add more creativity to your images and even come up with your own personal design for stationery or a photo album. 


Creating brushes is also good for those who like to make scrapbooks. When you create your own Photoshop brushes you can easily have stand-out personal layout designs that would not only satisfy you but would also give you more compliments. 

It doesn't take long to create new brushes. It is easy to come up with decorative brushes straight from scratch. You may also come up with brushes through images that you have already created. If ever you make use of other people's images please be sure that you have the rights to do so. 


For you to be able to come up with a new brush, you just create a new document and then create the image you would prefer to use as brush. The image has to be in black or white background. The next step would be to drag a marquee around the preferred image. Then  from the Edit menu, you can pick Define Brush Preset. You may then give your brush a name and then voila, you're done! Visit to learn more.